Saturday, March 28, 2009

Why people flirt more when they know you are attached?

It takes two to tango, some may have the courage and guts to 'wait' despite the other party is rightfully attached. Isn't it funny, it happens to all sexes and types of relationships, even in my experiences. Here's an excerpt from December's edition of Men's Health that might shed a light or two on this matter: WHY A WOMAN FLIRT MORE WITH A MAN WHEN SHE KNOWS HE'S ATTACHED?

It's just like playing the nickel slots: lots of fun, little risk. Some women love flirting with a taken man precisely because the stakes are so low. They'll engage in racy banter and maybe even get a little touchy-feel. Then they'll walk away with a clear conscience while the guy cooks in his shoes. Hitting the jackpot is never an option. Of course, if the committed guy makes a move, she can always open her eyes wide in protest. She'll declare: "I'd never be the other woman". And, for good measure, add: "How could you?!" Then she'll spin around on her stiletto and walk away with a grin. For guys, perhaps we can safely add the sexual equation into it, perhaps that's the jackpot that most guys would like to have. The rest, we could digest ourselves.

Wonder if anyone out there faced the same situation when people come calling and knocking when you are into a relationship with someone. The sexual overtones and innuendos that makes you wanting to go astray at times when your weakest is ranting you. For the love of my other half is always the greatest test of love, "Till death do us part". I am grateful that even till today we are still together as one.

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