Saturday, March 28, 2009

Burried in self

I've been totally buried in work and other things so I didn't have a chance to "celebrate" with friends in Shanghai. However, I managed to squeeze time to the most interesting invite at the Malaysia ambassador’s home for a festive celebration last weekend. I met many people from cities across the North and East coming together to the open house celebration that reminds me of Kuala Lumpur.

Well it’s officially cold here in the North of Beijing. It’s like 2 degrees chilling to freezing. Soon I’m planning a visit to Osaka in the cold winter, where friends, buddies and relatives are expecting me. Not sure if I should surprise them with my visit or should I expect a big warm welcome and give everyone the hint. I have been planning a trip to Osaka for some time. The last time I was in Kyoto, I could have visited my buddies in Osaka but I had to rush back to Tokyo then. On the other side, I also got to make time to visit my precious aunt who is too old to travel any where. In between these planning, travels and resting, I need to find time for wushu and tai chi. The garden at the parks are getting cold. Not sure if my instructor is willing to don his thick track suit in the early mornings, catching the subway after a 2 hour ride to reach the park and coach me. I started taking wushu and tai chi lessons and I’m so excited about it. I like the way that when you’re done with one lesson you’re ready for the next, but I like the fact that it’s not something easily learned. It gives you a chance to slow down and actually learn something. Fifteen months was a long wait and finally I started to learn some kicking and flicking. I was impressed with myself that I was in my form so quickly. I believe the most important aspect for anyone who is interested in wushu is to have basic stances and physical structure. Proper coaching and monitored training is extremely important. The first thing that I did was the ma bu (horse stance) which I stood for many hours in the beginning, and still does to this day. Leg strength is crucial in building a strong foundation and protecting yourself against injuries.

Life is more than just pushing hands. Wushu is my foundation of change. It's a scary world where the people don't understand the need to change things. Make them how we want. But it's a basic desire. The desire to create. The desire to make things better. The fact that people have created Bullshits and Fools. I hope that more people will put effort into trying to understand things that they don't. Fear of things that aren't understood that is the root cause of terrorism and idiocy. Until more people start thinking for themselves and stop letting the government or media tell them what is the truth. I'm afraid we are stuck with that fear. Government and Police can only write laws and try to stop those who break them. Then they can publish stories of their "Success" and hold press conferences to make us think we are safe. But we aren't. Rely on yourself. Rely on Community. Live your life. Be aware of your surroundings. The only thing worse than loosing one's life is giving it up for false safety.

"Patience and fortitude conquer all things."

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