Saturday, March 28, 2009

Rediscover and rekindle

Bad times never last. We’ll see our fortunes reversed again. However, I urge you my friends to use this time to discover the true foundation of joy. It will never be your financial wealth. Yes, money can make you happy, but not the deep down soul driven pure joy that comes with happiness. That joy comes with a connection with people or from the highest above that is when you believe you have one, and the comfort you receive. I have no idea, who will read this entry. However, I already know that you are the real treasure. You’re existence is so much more than your money. I hate for any of you to stay in a worried state or fearful state over this financial uncertainty that most countries are in. It’s troubling. However, the real you is so much bigger and better than any money woes. Worrying in the world about tomorrow will never make anything change…except for the fact that your body will pay a toll. My intention is certainly not to write this as a preachy note. I’m writing to encourage and remind everyone that times like these provide a wonderful chance to do a self-evaluation. True success is never about money. It’s about your influence and the love you give others. Take a short break from worry tomorrow and just enjoy the moment of now while you can.

Take this time to rediscover who you really are and see yourself apart from your relationship with money. Rekindle a relationship with yourself and with friends. You will lose access to your money when your life is over. I like using picture metaphors to examine my thoughts and to try to understand why and what is going through when we are in an auto mode, and what am I experiencing now. I wake up each morning, contemplating life and listening to the soft sound of wind as I walk to work. I hear the gentle breathing rhythms of the earth and universe, appreciating the rebirthing of the beauty and wonderment of the world. I feel good and people always ask me why. I tell them it’s because every morning I spend a few minutes of dedication and I connect with the person of the highest above. I have a very strong relationship with him that holds my thoughts together of who I am and what difference I want to make each day. A new day with a new thought that brings us closer to a new relationship with self and with a new season like Spring.

Spring is my favourite season and is just around the corner. No more winter coats. Less of the days getting shorter, the weather colder and soon it will be over. I can feel the evenings are getting brighter and the weather is warming up for spring. Although the winter season was not all that bad, compared to some of the winters in the past, still I look forward to the balmy days of spring when the birds and flowers and soft winds make me feel that a new start with our lives and attitude may be in order. I love the spring. After a cold winter of being stuck inside, it’s time to go outside and take a deep breath. It is not too hot and not too cold. This creates tons of possibilities for romantic outdoor dates and quality time with loved ones. Now that things have warmed up, I can do many splendid things. Maybe, next on my list is to rekindle special relationships. What do you like to do in Spring?

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