Thursday, December 17, 2009

I bring myself to life as Susan Boyle lives her dream

I have not posted very much lately, for most of the past few months real life has gotten in the way. Not that I have been unmotivated but rather I was dancing in the rain embracing whatever that suppressed the flow of creative juices for the moment of time. Since the banned of Facebook plus a few others in China, I had the pleasures of indulging with outdoor activities during the few months of absence. Don’t get me wrong, the ban has not been lifted.

The year end is filled with reflection and introspection; as my fingers embrace this dance of life reflecting the many blessings of the last twelve months. Soon will be the New Year with hope, and inevitably with change. I adept to change with motion so swift, the transition to let go of the old 2009 in order to embrace the new, 2010. Before the old slips away, let’s review and reflect the mirror of blessings, the challenges; the hardship or the many changes in our lives.

Time passes by imperceptibly, changing like the seasons but in some aspects I found it slow in the very beginning of the year. I constantly remind myself of who I am; I am open to the vulnerability of being painfully honest. In this thoughtful contemplation, I look within myself for courage, for strength; and I allow the unfolding of the events to "be" whatever lies ahead of me.

Someone once asked me, “What are you grateful for right now?” The question was extremely timely for me and since then I have decided to reflect upon my life each night before I go to sleep; whether it be my daily activities, professional goals or business objectives; the evaluation offers me an opportunity to review if my chosen path is working for me, if I am accomplishing what I want for myself, with my partner, or sponsors with eternal loyalty, how I can continue with my indulgence, self pampering, and what I would change or maintain. It only takes me a few minutes to quietly reflect but it has provided such clarity to my world.

The simple quiet time actually makes my sleep more restful, my life less stressful and my outlook much more focused the following day. One of the things I appreciate is the people around me since I came to China and I value the quality of friendships rather than the quantity of friends. Acquaintances are important and I maintain quality relationships with many but true friendships are invalid in my lifetime and I guard them to the death.

I have dreams just like Susan Boyle and I dreamt of becoming a published author. In June 2008, I sold my first script, ‘Being Known’ for very little money. The little bit of money I made for my efforts as a ghostwriter was inconsequential in comparison to the lessons I learned along the way. Now, I am writing with a companion, getting paid for my efforts and soon to become the script writer for films I always knew I could be.

As you will discover in an earlier blog, I mentioned the game of life which I play to win. I remember the life lessons of Be-Do-Have to achieve my accomplishments. You have to be before you can do, and you have to do before you can have. If you don't, nothing you ever get will be enough. I know with absolute certainty that I can achieve my goals when my desires are greater then my intentions. For as they say, “It doesn’t matter if you take big steps or small steps as long as you keep moving toward your goals“.

A toast to the New Year……

May you embrace the past with remembrance and the future with longing.

“The happiest people don't necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the best of everything they have“

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